Our Hospitality

Our house in the heart of Milan

Since childhood, our country house has always been full of friends and guests who came and went. So much so that it was jokingly called the Marzot Hotel.

Thus it seemed natural to run ourselves the Hotel Spadari, left by our grandfather. Our mother Marida and her partner Urbano were the true visionaries. They transformed the old hotel into what became one of the first art and design hotels in Italy (and also in the world). They proudly filled it with all their passions, not only for art and design, but also for comfort, beautiful linen, refined porcelain, collectibles, plants and flowers. After thirty years the hotel has remained unchanged and has kept the same touch as it had back then. We love it as it is, with it's charming vintage feeling. We do not want to change it because we are deeply convinced that our hospitality is not made only of high quality and services. Our hospitality consists also of care, smiles, generosity and above all special attention to people, our staff as well as our guests. Our hospitality is all of us that can't wait to welcome you in our big house in Milan, to make you feel happy, at the heart of our thoughts, making you feel like at home.

Piero, Margherita, Matteo and all the people who work at our side.