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Our Good Morning

The most loving gesture to start the day with a smile.

Giusy, Hristina, Ana and Marites are waiting for you every morning with their smile, the smell of coffee and freshly baked croissants. They will cook your favorite eggs and offer you what we have chosen for you, the best of Milanese gastronomy.

I Formaggi di Peck, the most famous gastronomy store in Milan. The sweets of Galli, also famous for its marron glacé...
The dried fruit and corn flakes of Noberasco, the right choice for those who wish to stay in shape. And many other delicacies, as long as you are curious and gourmet.

You can have breakfast from 7 am to 11 am,
we offer it in the Bistrot room or to your room
because here in Milan you can afford yourself a little bit of laziness.
Our Services

Bistrò Spadari

Our home made simple dishes

Welcomed and cuddled in the blue room frescoed by Valentino Vago you can enjoy our simple cuisine.

A good pasta with tomato sauce, Matteo's favorite
the pasta with tuna, Giusy's Sardinian recipe,
the salads of Marida, the founder of the family,
the selection of Piero's cold cuts.
The Margherita soup and the sweets of Giulio the true family glutton!

In this menu you will find all the genuine flavors of the house.
Our Services

Like in the living room at your home

the lounge and the bar, and the ...Contemplating room

A refined refuge from the lively Milanese frenzy. A place to sip your favorite tea or a good glass of wine. Relax in front of Giò Pomodoro's fireplace listening to classical or jazz music, reading your favorite book or newspaper.

And then there is the Contemplating room a secluded place where to reflect, a small room literally covered with paintings that on request can become a space for business meetings with a high artistic touch!